Sales Management System

Integrated Apps & Modules

Sales Management

Automate your sales and billing process the smart way. Track quotation, convert quotation to sales order in just a click, boost profit by up-selling, communicate more efficiently with your clients using the system chatter.

Quotation Made Easy

Send clear and well polished quotations to your prospects. Include product descriptions, lovely images and additional information simply by dragging and dropping building blocks.


Calculate accurate sales tax and automate invoice creation, send the invoice, approval and payment process. Generate invoice based on contract terms. Speed up accounts payable operations. Get recurring invoices.

Sales Team Management

Enjoy the flexibility of managing and tracking sales by each sales team. Engage with gamification and position sales on clear target and commission plans.

Customer Portal

Generate customer portal that gives your clients access to their quotes, sales orders and delivery orders.

Sell more with clean quotations

Better showcase your products and services.