Smart Point of Sale

Unique, Multi-purpose, Integrated POS System

MODERN Interface DESIGNED for High Productivity

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You can Set-up in minutes, sell in seconds. Our Point of Sale application is simple and straightforward, easy to use interface that everybody can use without having any difficulty.

Compatible with any computer or mobile device

No specific hardware is required




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 Your Point of Sale remains solid and reliable regardless of whether you are online or not. 


Set up your new stores rapidly and effectively with an internet connection and subsequently use your Point of Sale whenever and everywhere.

Once your Point of Sale is started with internet connection, it will remain operational even while there's internet disconnection

Everything Possible Thing Your Shop Needs

It's All Included..

Our Point of Sale system is based on smart interface that gives any organization the flexibility expected in any modern POS. Its extreme flexibility gives users the ability to configure the system the way they choose to meet their exact needs.

Integrated Inventory System

Take charge of your procurement in Real Time

ISEAMAS Inventory application consequently adds all transaction from the POS into the stock. You can find progressively the accessibility of items without losing time. Moreover, the POS is perfect with our eCommerce application.

With our integration mechanism, you won't have to setup separate stocks for the two applications and as a result making it easy to be a true multi-channel business with convenience.

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