Customer Relationships Management System

Integrated Apps & Modules

Core CRM

Manage your business channel with little or no effort. Track leads, close opportunities and get accurate forecasts. Automate activities in view of your sales scripts like calls, meetings, mailing, and quotations.

Customer Profiling

It utilizes the profiles criteria from the prior division module and enhance it. Because of the new idea of questionnaire, you would now be able to regroup questions into a questionnaire and straightaway apply it on a partner.

Mass Mailing Campaign

Send the right message to your target audience.
Get precise and constant statistics on each email sent out. Effectively track your open rate, reply rate, bounce rate, visitor clicking percentage and enhance your general marketing technique.


Create effective and engaging online survey form.
Share your surveys quickly with built-in sharing framework. Pass on information about your surveys in only a few clicks. Acquire results and view results charts in real time.

Website Live Support

Increase your sales and opportunity with our live support. For site built with our Website Builder, this module incorporate a chat button on your Website, and enable your guests or clients to communicate with your operators.

Boost sales efficiency, enhance win rates, grow income

Customer Relationships Management made easy !!